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People are caught in the meltdown as the value of highly volatile cryptocurrencies plummets. – EPA pic, July 31, 2022.

AN Irishman at risk of losing his farm. An American having suicidal thoughts. An 84-year-old widow’s lost life savings: People caught in the meltdown of crypto lender Celsius are pleading for their money back. 


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Hundreds of letters have poured in to the judge overseeing the firm’s multi-billion-dollar bankruptcy and they are heavy with anger, shame, desperation and, frequently, regret.

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新闻电报群:Proton unveils new hi-tech engine assembly line in Tanjung Malim
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    For one, Malaysia now has five new banking players in the form of parties holding digital banking licences. And among those parties is a consortium led by Grab Holdings Ltd – a global brand with seemingly deep pockets that may be needed if indeed the tech giant is keen to buy a slice of Malaysian banks.你们打几分